Chakra Engraved Disc Set

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Human body is made of blood, muscles, nerves, bones, organs and lots of various living tissues. Scientifically it has been proved again and again and hence well established that there is a flow of electrical current across the body. In terms of energy, this flow is changing continuously with the body’s activities, mental thoughts and hormonal flow. Energy flow in human body can change with different emotions, physical changes and nerve and heart conductions. But the ups and downs through which people pass on a day to day basis, usually creates imbalance in the energy flow system.

Working process of these stones is unique for the specific chakras when placed at the given points of the body where the chakras are found. The balance is also elicited by the use of the stones in necklaces, amulets, rings or simply kept in the pockets. Energy vibrations can pass through these stones and work on achieving the results as chakras are considered high power energy centres. So, with the energy flow smooth in the entire body, the frequency of the stones can help harmonise the outside energy with the inner self, bringing the body, mind and soul to a peaceful state.

Chakra Stones are perfect to use in balancing your energy and focusing on specific areas of the mind, body and spirit. Each features an engraved symbol of each one of the Chakras and measure approximately 30-45 mm.

Crystals and minerals are formed naturally, so the shape and size is always approximate. Many stones have naturally occurring inclusions and cracks that make them unique, and do not affect their individual quality.

The variety of the stones ranges from Amethyst, Aventurine, Black Tourmaline, Citrine Quartz, Jasper Brecciated, Moss Agate, Red Jasper, Rose Quartz, Sodalite, Tiger Eye, and are naturally colored, not dyed.

Sold as a set of seven (7).

Come with brochure and velvet pouch

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